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 [Role Playing]Shadow Hearts: From The New World

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Shadow Hearts: From the New World (シャドウハーツ・フロム・ザ・ニューワールド ,Shadōhātsu Furomu za Nyūwārudo?) is a console role-playing game developed by Nautilus and published by XSEED Games in 2005 for the Playstation 2. It is the third official game in the Shadow Hearts series.

The game series departs from Europe and centers around the "New World", the Americas. It is not directly related to the previous games in the series but it occurs in the same universe. The main characters' quest is to investigate mysterious "windows" from which vicious monsters pop out.

It begins in North America in the year 1929 and features two new main characters: a 16 year old New Yorker named Johnny Garland, and a 21 year old Native American woman named Shania, who has powers of fusion similar to Yuri and Kurando in the previous Shadow Hearts entries, however, Shania is not a harmonixer. She makes pacts with spirits while Yuri and Kurando turned into demons. The story begins with Johnny, a private detective, being hired by a man named Gilbert to find one Marlow Brown. When Johnny finds the man, however, a mysterious 'window' opens, and from it emerges a monster. The rest of the game follows Johnny, Shania, and company as they attempt to uncover the truth about Gilbert and his plans.

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[Role Playing]Shadow Hearts: From The New World
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